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From Monet to Hopper

As I develop as an artist and try to find my style, the constant in my paintings is a search for light. I am inspired by painters who have the ability to see a wide value range and use this in the design of their composition. Monet did studies of rather common subjects – haystacks,… read more

Still and Quiet – a new gallery

Instead of the traditional “still life”, I decided I would add a new gallery that featured still and quiet settings and a feeling of serenity. Hope you enjoy!

Painting the Heart of a Flower

 Georgia O’Keefe and her way of looking at shapes and subtle variations in colors in flowers has been an inspiration for The Garden Paintings. Many of her paintings appear to be looking into the heart of the flower to see its essence, its soul. When I paint the flowers in my garden I am focused… read more

Visit the Seven Galleries

The seven galleries are set up by subject and media. Once you enter a gallery, click on the pictures to see larger versions and descriptions. Thanks for visiting and Enjoy!


My website features paintings and photographs inspired by my travels in Europe and time in my garden. I have set up seven galleries based on subject and media. When you visit the galleries, make sure you click on the art to view a large version and read the description. Enjoy!

Inquiries about Photographs and Paintings

If you are interested in larger print sizes of the photographs or have questions about the paintings, please contact me at DLFarrelly@aol.com.