Art Education
Classes at Herron School of Art and Indianapolis Art Center
Studied with Christopher Stuart and David Slonim

Workshops with Randall Harden and C.W. Mundy


Art Exhibitions
Sullivan Munce Arts FCFH Exhibition
Hoosier Salon Juried Exhibition at Indiana State Museum
Hoosier Salon Statewide Tour

Salon de Refuses Exhibition, Hoosier Salon


Art Awards
Hoosier Salon Purchase Award
Art Influences and Inspirations
Monet, Cassatt, Renoir, Van Gogh,
 Cezanne, Gauguin, Kandinsky,
Georgia O’Keefe, Edward Hopper, T.C. Steele.
Travels to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean,
 the American Southwest and Midwest.